EPIC was created as a place for industry-based ethnographic practitioners to come together and take part in a conversation. Each year clear conversational themes have emerged, but these themes have never been tracked. Up to now, only those that have attended are close to the conversations. This year we have attempted to capture the meta-conversations: to extend EPIC2011 to a broader audience of those who were unable to attend; and to push the EPIC community forward by documenting our evolving conversation and understandings of ourselves. We have attempted to highlight themes of how our shared thinking manifested within the four days we spent together in Boulder Sept 18-21. And we hope this piques interests so readers dive further into the papers, podcasts and keynote videos. Read the full PDF for more details.

We now have podcasts of selected (i.e. most of the) talks at EPIC this year, including the keynotes. Podcasts are embedded in the page for each paper, and in paper session views. Or you can just go to the podcasts page and listen to everything. The podcasts often include questions that people asked, so it's a good recap of what happened. So if you're trying to convince co-workers to come to EPIC next year (you are, aren't you?), send them here.

Thanks to Sapient and our podcast editor, Thomas Wingo.