Evolving Ethnographic Practitioners and Their Impact on Ethnographic Praxis

Alexandra Mack - Principal Workplace Anthropologist, Pitney Bowes
Susan Squires - Assistant Professor, University of N. Texas

As we reflect on the evolving nature of our practice, it is time to consider how these individual evolutions impact the broader field of ethnographic praxis in industry. First, we look at the career paths of senior members of the EPIC community to chart key transitions in their individual careers. We observe that their career paths have moved them away from fieldwork and into management where they shape projects, mentor staff and participate in decision-making. Thus, a key aspect of the evolution of the EPIC community lies in how senior members are influencing what industry expects from ethnographic praxis. In a second intersecting theme we review how these individual career evolutions influence the EPIC community of practice. We discuss how our field continues to evolve both on an individual level and within the community of practice to which we all belong.