EPIC 2012: Quarter Note #3, July 2012


Welcome to our third EPIC 2012 Quarter Note. It has been a busy few months getting papers and other submissions in and reviewing them – and notifications have started going out for each section. There are now plenty of plates to keep spinning but things are looking good.


This Quarter Note has lots of practical information – most importantly a reminder that we’re advising people to get into Savannah on Saturday 13th so they can participate in a newly extended first day program on Sunday 14th. Most of what you'll read below acts as good justification for getting to Savannah nice and early.

In years past EPIC has had a 'soft start' over the course of Sunday. Not this year. From Sunday 9am (October 14th) we have a packed program of local pursuits, the Doctoral and Masters Colloquium and a full line up of workshops. So we want to emphasise that the conference really does start on the morning of Sunday 14th October and we have programmed the local pursuits (9am-noon) and workshops (from 1pm...) to allow you to do both, in comfort.

Below you’ll find more about Sunday’s Local Pursuits and a taste of what’s in store for you on Saturday evening – an informal ‘Welcome to Savannah’ reception, complete with an exhibition of OWS posters from Zucotti Park, NYC,  courtesy of AIGA.

Registration and conference hotel

Registration is now open and ticking along smoothly. Please take advantage of the early bird rate by registering soon. If you're coming you might consider using Lanyrd to let people know - and if you have something accepted to the conference, feel free to indicate you're a speaker.

This year’s conference hotel is the AVIA Savannah – here's the EPIC conference rates page, with rooms starting at $139. You might prefer to phone them, in which case try +1 912 233 2116. October is a busy month in Savannah (amongst other things there are a lot of weddings happening apparently) so we highly recommend booking the hotel soon.

Local Pursuits

This year EPIC introduces a series of Local Pursuits that provide an opportunity to collectively explore and draw inspiration from locally embedded experiences and to reflect upon the theme of Renewal in our community of practice. Savannah provides an especially rich array of opportunities to explore metaphors, principles, and dynamics surrounding Renewal while immersing in local experiences of past, present, and possible futures.  We encourage you to bring your sense of play and insightfulness to participate in a Local Pursuit of your choice on Sunday, October 14th - and join the conversation around this year's EPIC theme.

Here's how it will work:  We have arranged a diverse set of opportunities to venture forth into the Savannah community, to meet and talk with local people and visit local places.

You decide which Local Pursuit you would like to participate in, and sign up on the website.  Each Pursuit group will be asked to reflect upon some core concepts around their experience through the lens of Renewal and to share with the community photos, thoughts, insights in real-time via your mobile devices.

We will aggregate all of your insights and share them back to the community during the conference.

We’re also offering Local Pursuits on both Sunday and Tuesday evening.

Sunday, Oct. 14th  (between 9am-12pm)

  • Savannah Harbor: Past, Present and Possible Futures (Link
  • Renewing the Economy and Workforce Development in Savannah (Curator)
  • Waddie Welcome & The Beloved Community 
  • Renewal of Community and the Politics of Art and Creativity (Link)
  • Renewal on Multiple Dimensions: The Design Ethos “Do-ference” and Waters Ave. Revitalization
  • Preservation and Renewal: Tea at the Davenport House
  • Emergent Structures: Renewal through Creative Deconstruction
  • Slow Food Savannah: Tradition and Renewal
  • World Café Savannah: A Urban Bike Tour (Link)
  • Bonaventure Cemetery: Renewing Memories of the Past
  • Gullah History by boat ($30-40) – TBC


Tuesday, Oct. 16th (after 5pm)

  • Renewing Culture Through Food: A Taste of Gullah (diner $40)
  • Paranormal Ethnography: 6thSense walking tour ($25)
  • SCAD historic preservation walking tour (led by SCAD historic preservation students)
  • Club One ($10-15) TBC

OWS poster exhibition

We are delighted to announce an exhibition of posters from the OWS movement during the informal welcome reception on Saturday night.

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement embraced the power of visual communication early on to gain widespread recognition for their message. The striking examples of OWS posters on display at EPIC are breathtaking in their wit, poignancy and calls to action—a true example of emergent visual communication having a global impact. These posters were collected shortly after the first demonstrations in Zuccotti Park in New York and first exhibited as a collection by AIGA, the professional association of design, at "Pivot: AIGA Design Conference" in Phoenix, Arizona last fall. We're honored to have AIGA as a partner for this year's EPIC program and also want to thank Inga Treitler who had the idea to get the posters to EPIC 2012.

From the collection of: Terry Irwin, Professor and Head of the School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University.


Now that paper notifications have been issues, we’re hoping to announce successful Artifact, Pecha Kucha and Workshop contributors very soon and ahead of schedule.

Then we will be finalizing the program and getting this up on the website just as soon as we can. We'll share this through social media as the updates to the website happen.

So, thanks for reading and look forward to your questions and feedback. Do get in touch if you want us to give more information about any aspect of the conference.

See you in Savannah
Simon Roberts, Co-Chair (ReD Associates)
John Payne, Co-Chair (Moment Design)
Christine Miller, Local Host (SCAD)

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